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  • Alban’s Well, 
  • 55 - 57 St Peter's Street , 
  • St Albans, 
  • AL1 3DY
Opening Hours:
11:00 - 00:00
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11:00 - 21:00

At Alban’s Well it is incredibly important that we do our part to help the environment.
By our first year we hope to be completely zero waste. For now, here’s some insight on what we are doing to help.

Our Kitchen

Head Chef Jon Green has hand-crafted our wonderful menus with sustainability in mind.
Every ingredient in our dishes is sourced in the UK – the journey from sea, land, and allotment is paramount to us.


Our menu features a substantial amount of retired dairy cow, an extra tender meat full of flavour from the cows unusually long lifetime of roaming free in the field.  Try it yourself in our beef burger, short rib or sirloin steak.


 Our pub supports independent fishing boats sourcing suitably caught fish.
From our delicious mussels to our Dorset crab, all of our fish is caught on our very own British shores.


Not only do we focus on where our ingredients are sourced but on their full utilisation.
Firstly, the shavings from our dairy cow short rib are used to top off our delicious Dairy cow beef burger.  Secondly, trimmings from our asparagus dish are utilised in our beautiful cured monkfish dish. In addition, trimmings from our vegetables are used to create our excellent wonky hummus. Lastly, leftover grapefruit is used to create a marmalade that is used on our bar, featured in our springtime spritz.

Local Suppliers

Finally, we are proud to support and use local Hertfordshire suppliers in our pub.
Our ketchup is from Hertford Sauce Co, featuring tomatoes grown less than 3 miles away. And coming soon is
Smoke and Hive – a small local business that will be supplying our kitchen with  delicious smoked nuts and honey, made from Hertfordshire bees.
Stay tuned to find out how we feature sustainability in our drinks served from the Hawking’s bar, coming up next.